RoRo vessels, short for "roll-on/roll-off" vessels, are a type of cargo ship designed to carry wheeled vehicles and other types of cargo.

RoRo vessels are designed with large cargo decks that are accessible via ramps or stern doors.

Many RoRo vessels are equipped with specialized cargo handling equipment.

RoRo vessels are a popular choice for shipping cars and other vehicles internationally due to their large cargo capacity.

RoRo vessels have a lower cargo capacity than container ships but offer greater flexibility.

Some RoRo vessels are equipped with stern ramps that can be lowered to allow cargo to be loaded and unloaded.

Unlike other cargos that are measured in metric tonnes, the Ro-Ro cargo is measured in a unit called lanes in meters (LIMs).

RoRo vessels were introduced in the 1950s and quickly gained popularity due to their efficiency and ease of use.

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