These are sea-going vessels that have been associated with some kind of supernatural activity.

These may be real derelict ships found adrift with their crew missing.

These might be abandoned vessels or ships still in service, with an unexplained power.

The story of Mary Celeste is one of the most mysterious and enduring stories in the maritime world.

If a series of deaths, illness or accidents occurred on a ship, people would usually relate it to ghosts.

The story of the Flying Dutchman Ship is yet another ghost ship’s tale of a ship that sunk or lost at sea.

These stories still continue to intrigue people because of their mysterious plots and unexplained findings.

Over 70 ships and more than 1,000 seafarers were abandoned in 2020.

The last ghost ship, The MV Alta, was found in 2018 on the coast of Ireland during the Dennis Storm. 

October 31, 2022

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