Any ship or vessel that transports heavy goods and materials from one port to another is called a cargo ship. 

These are also known as freighters, and they handle the major bulk of international trade services.

General cargo vessels mostly carry packaged goods like foods, footwear, garments, chemicals, machinery, furniture, motor vehicles, etc.

General Cargo Vessels

The dry-bulk carriers transport non-packaged loose materials like food grains, coal, and other similar products. 

Dry-Bulk Carriers

The multi-purpose vessels are true to their name and carry all kinds of goods, whether liquid or general cargo. 

Multi-Purpose Vessels

The ships that travel on a fixed pre-scheduled route and have charged tariffs are called liners or cargo liners. 

Cargo Liners

The vessels that do not follow any pre-determined schedule or route are called tramp ships.

Tramp Ships
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