USS Tripoli is the second America-class amphibious assault ship built for the United States Navy.

It was named Tripoli in honor of the US Marine Corps victory against Tripoli at the Battle of Derna.

Amphibious assault ship USS Tripoli returned home on Tuesday following a 7-month deployment to the Indo-Pacific.

The USS Tripoli has a complement of F-35 Lightning strike fighters on board.

The ship quietly left for its maiden deployment in May and spent the first few months testing out the “lightning carrier".

The U.S. Marine Corps embarked 16 F-35Bs aboard Tripoli, which flew missions in support of exercises.

The crew completed 2,052 hours of flight operations and traveled 40,303 nautical miles during exercise support.

Tripoli drilled with aircraft carriers USS Abraham Lincoln and USS Ronald Reagan for the Valiant Shield exercise in June.

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