USS Nimitz (CVN 68), successfully completed its 350,000th arrested aircraft landing while sailing in the South China Sea.

Arrested landing is a critical maneuver where an aircraft lands on the carrier's deck using a system of cables to rapidly decelerate.

The USS Nimitz is the first active U.S. Navy carrier in the fleet to reach this milestone.

The achievement of 350,000 arrested landings underscores the carrier's long and distinguished service history.

The USS Nimitz has played a vital role in various military operations, including conflicts in the Persian Gulf and Afghanistan.

The carrier has been a reliable platform for launching and recovering a wide range of aircraft.

Arrested landings are highly challenging maneuvers that require precise coordination between the pilots and the ship's crew.

Nimitz’s first arrested landing was conducted in 1975, the same year of the ship’s commissioning.

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