US Navy's USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78) is the lead ship in the Ford-class of aircraft carrier.

The Carrier was commissioned in 2017 by former President, Donald Trump, in Virginia.

It is a first-in-class aircraft carrier of US Navy, and the first new aircraft carrier designed in over 40 years.

First-in-class technology includes a new nuclear plant, generating 3 times the amount of power.

The USS Gerald R. Ford is 1,092.2 feet long with a beam of 134 feet.

It has an advanced arresting gear and electromagnetic aircraft launch system (EMALS).

EMALS uses electric power to launch aircraft off the vessel instead of the steam catapult system.

The vessel is designed to carry a wider variety of planes, and operate with fewer sailors.

Compared to Nimitz-class carriers, the Ford-class carriers have more than 23 new or modified systems.

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