The largest aircraft carrier in the world, overshadowed NATO allied vessels in the Norwegian Sea.

This advanced and newest U.S. Navy aircraft carrier is known as the USS Gerald R Ford.

The Baltic Sea hosts a multinational exercise annually, with navies from different member states participating to enhance partnerships.

The 52nd iteration of the exercise began on June 4 from Tallinn, Estonia, and involves 20 nations, 50 ships, over 45 aircraft, and 6,000 personnel.

Notable ships participating in the exercise include the USS Gerald R Ford, USS Normandy, HMS Northumberland, HMS Defender, RFA Tidespring, HNoMS Otto Sverdrup, and HNoMS Steil.

The exercise encompasses various training scenarios based on real-world events, with participants assuming roles as opposing or defending forces.

Maritime security activities such as anti-submarine warfare, search and rescue, mine countermeasures, seamanship, and radar tracking are included in the exercise.

The Royal Navy regularly sends minehunters, frigates, and patrol vessels to participate in Exercise Baltops alongside other vessels from different nations.

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