The USS Connecticut, a submarine, returned home after a challenging journey across the Pacific Ocean, but sustained extensive damage and had to travel on the surface.


Repairs to the submarine have been complicated by the need for seismic upgrades to the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and the Trident Refit Facility in Washington.

The upgrades aim to enhance the structural integrity of the facilities, ensuring a secure environment for submarine repairs and maintenance operations.

Steps such as drilling holes in dry dock walls and updating emergency response plans are being taken to strengthen the facilities and improve safety measures.

Collaboration among private industry, naval commands, and PSNS & IMF is underway to meticulously plan and execute the upgrades, aligning with future Navy requirements.

Repairing the USS Connecticut is challenging due to the unique nature of the Seawolf class submarines and the difficulty in finding spare parts.

The repair process poses challenges for drydock space and personnel, which is a broader issue affecting Navy maintenance efforts.

Despite the challenges, repairing the USS Connecticut is deemed crucial for national security and to maintain the Navy's operational capability, especially in light of the growing naval fleet disparity with China.

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