US to Modernise Nationwide Passenger Ferry Services with $ 316 Million Investment

The FTA of the US Department of Transportation will invest $316 million to modernise ferry services nationwide.

The funding is a part of Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and will be allocated to capital projects, buying low-emission ferries, & supporting ferry services in rural regions.

The initiative aims to improve transportation services, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and create employment.

US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said the funding will help communities modernise their ferry service.

The Passenger Ferry Program will receive $51 million to purchase, replace, or modernise passenger ferries, terminals, and equipment in urban areas.

Electric/Low Emitting Ferry Program will receive $49 million to purchase ferries that reduce emissions using alternate fuels.

The Ferry Service for Rural Communities Program will get $216 million in funding for fiscal year 2024.

Past grants have helped ferry service upgrades across the US, with $220.2 million announced for projects through ferry programs last year.