– Four unmanned US Navy Ships completed their first deployment in the Pacific, testing ideas to integrate their capabilities into crewed fleet operations.

– The Sea Hunter, Sea Hawk, Mariner, and Ranger left Southern California on Aug. 7 and returned on Jan 15.

– It aimed to test the existing concepts around onboard operations, crewing assumptions, maintenance requirements, etc.

– Sea Hunter & Sea Hawk originate from efforts of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and the others from the Strategic Capabilities Office’s Overlord program.

– In 5 months, they sailed 46,651 miles, visited Japanese & Australian ports, and  Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency  for 50 days.

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– The deployment was overseen by the U.S. Pacific Fleet and aimed to put the unmanned vessels in a forward-deployed environment.

The deployment was successful; however, it highlighted a need for better integration and seamless data sharing.