US Navy’s 1st Mine Countermeasures Mission Package on USS Canberra

The US Navy reportedly embarked the first Mine Countermeasures Mission Package (abbreviated as MCM MP) on the USS Canberra.

The MCM mission package is an integrated suite comprising sensors and unmanned maritime systems. It identifies, locates, & destroys mines in the littorals while boosting the vessel’s standoff distance from the threat region.

The Navy installed unmanned vehicles, sensors, support containers, and software that would help Sailors execute MCM operations via the Independence-variant Littoral Combat Ship.

The embarkation commemorates the turnover of the MCM mission package to the vessel, symbolizing that the crew members are prepared to commence onboard maintenance and training for the first-ever deployment.

The LCS Mission Modules delivers to the Fleet an integrated and modernized MCM mission package that removes the sailors from the minefield and permits the future retirement of legacy MCM vessels.

Deploying the first-ever MCM mission packages in FY 2025 will enable the Navy to commence divesting from ageing MH-53 helicopters and Avenger-class MCM vessels.