U.S. Navy's Navigation Plan (NAVPLAN) 2022 envisions a total of 523 ships by 2045.

The desired force level by 2045 includes 12 Columbia-class ballistic missile nuclear-powered submarines.

It also includes 12 CVN Nimitz and Ford-class nuclear-powered aircraft carriers.

The plan calls for 66 attack submarines and large-diameter payload boats.

The NAVPLAN aims for 96 large surface combatants such as destroyers and next-generation destroyers.

There will be 56 Constellation-class guided-missile frigates.

The plan includes 31 amphibious ships for various purposes.

18 Light Amphibious Warships are designated for U.S. Marine Littoral Regiments.

The NAVPLAN requires 82 combat logistics ships for support and supply.

Additionally, there will be 150 unmanned surface and subsurface vessels for sensing and shooting purposes.

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