US Navy Warships Fire SM-3 Missiles For the First Time To Shoot Down Iranian Missiles

For the first time on 14 April 2024, the US Navy Arleigh Burke-class missile destroyers deployed Standard Missile-3 interceptors to counter an Iranian ballistic missile attack on Israel.

The operation in the Eastern Mediterranean involved the USS Carney and USS Arleigh Burke, which fired 4-7 SM-3s to intercept Iran’s ballistic missiles.

As confirmed by defence sector sources, this marks the first-ever combat use of SM-3 interceptors.

The Israel Defense Force mentioned that Iran fired 350 missiles and drones targeting Israel.

These were loaded with 60 tons of explosives. The assault comprised nearly 30 cruise missiles, 120 ballistic missiles, and 170 drones.

The IDF reported that 99% of these were intercepted before entering Israeli airspace.

Reports also indicate that the launches originated from Iran, Iraq, and Yemen.

It is unclear which factions are responsible for these launches from the mentioned locations.

Fox News and CNN reported that the American destroyers intercepted at least four ballistic missiles in the operation.