US Navy To Explore India & Japan Shipyards For Repairing Its Ships In a Possible War With China

The United States plans to perform repairs and maintenance work on at least six naval vessels at international shipyards in 2025.

This will determine which shipyards to send its vessels for repair if the US goes to war with China.

Given the present circumstances, if there is a war in the Taiwan Strait, the United States will return its ships to Guam, Hawaii, or the shipyards on its West Coast for repairs.

By conducting repairs close to the warzone, the US can return the vessels to the war faster, considering maintenance takes around three months.

US plans to explore India, Japan, and South Korean shipyards for repairing and maintaining US Naval Ships.

The United States Navy has prioritized using foreign facilities for ship repairs and maintenance since its facilities cannot accommodate all its vessels.

America lags behind China, and its shipbuilding has slowed since the 1980s due to certain regulations, budget constraints, and a decreasing workforce.