As per the media reports, the US Navy is planning to deploy marines on commercial ships transiting through Hormuz strait to safeguard them.

This decision has been taken to counter the Iranian Navy after their relentless attempts at illegally seizing and harassing commercial vessels in the region.

100 newly trained marines will help protect the commercial vessels crossing Hormuz strait. They are the part of the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit, which joined the three-ship Bataan Amphibious Group and have received their training in Bahrain as ship security officers and units.

Some additional sailors deployed in US Central Command Region, also receiving training there.

The deployment of marines on commercial ships is a huge decision in the post world war II era.

But it was important for the US to protect the ships in the region to cross the strait freely and safely.

There are limited options for shipping oil such as pipelines which cannot be used at all places because of geographical limitations.

The Hormuz Strait is an important region for transporting approximately 17 million barrels of oil daily, constituting 20-30% of the world’s consumption.