US Navy to Build Submarine That Travels Faster Than the Speed of Sound

The US Navy plans to build a revolutionary supersonic submarine that can travel faster than the speed of sound.

In 2016, researchers at Penn State, funded by the U.S. Navy, began to work on a prototype that could achieve supersonic speed underwater.

The researchers have decided to turn this into reality with modern-day technology. However, drag is the biggest challenge.

They found a solution involving a bubble which would wrap around the body of the submarine and reduce drag.

This works on the same principle that the Soviets used in the Cold War to make Shkval, a torpedo that could reach 370 km/h underwater.

However, the solution is still being developed since achieving supersonic speed in air, let alone water, is not easy.

This technology will need years of development before it’s deemed safe for real-world tests and would be reserved for military use.