US Navy Officer Allegedly Involved In $100 Million Bribery Scheme

The US Justice Department has supposedly charged a US Navy contracting officer and a software executive with bribery in connection with a plan to steer deals to a certain firm.

The 63-year-old officer was employed as a civilian engineer and project leader at the Naval Information Warfare Center in San Diego.

As stated by prosecutors, the officer id not comply with his job as a neutral arbiter and began to shift the scales in favour of a defence technology company with headquarters on the East Coast.

The technology company won a major deal worth almost $300 million, and the officer approved nearly $100 million worth of work under the terms of the deal.

The officer has been additionally charged with three counts of false tax returns because he had not mentioned the illicit cash he was receiving from his friend as a source of income.

The officer has been charged with bribery for using a position of public trust to illegally offer access to federal initiatives for personal gain will never be permitted.