US Military’s Temporary Pier In Gaza To Cost a Whopping $ 320 Million

The US military’s cost estimate to build a pier off Gaza to deliver humanitarian aid has risen to $320 million.

The pier's construction involves 1,000 US service members, mostly from the Army and Navy.

The pier will initially handle 90 trucks a day and then 150 trucks when it is fully operational.

This is a temporary pier that will operate for just 90 days.

After constructing this pier, hopefully, aid can reach the people of Gaza.

Famine-like conditions prevail in Gaza due to a lack of essential supplies, including sufficient food, water and medicines.

Aid coming through the pier will pass through Israeli checkpoints on land.

Many lawmakers have questioned the construction of this pier, given the security threats and whopping cost.

The U.S. service Members could become a target of attack, lawmakers added.

Israel’s military campaign against Hamas has killed thousands of innocent people in Gaza.

2.3 Million Palestinians are facing a humanitarian catastrophe.