US Labor Unions Propose Fee On Chinese-Built Vessels Docking At US Ports

US labour unions have been demanding fees to be levied on Chinese-built vessels that dock at US ports.

The demand is in reaction to what they have considered unfair shipbuilding tactics by the People’s Republic of China.

As per the proposal, the funds generated from the fees would be used to establish a shipbuilding revitalization fund to support investments in the domestic shipbuilding industry.

The suggestion was included in a petition submitted by the United Steelworkers, coupled with other unions.

The petition also urges the US Trade Representative to launch a robust investigation into the unfair trade practices of the PRC in the shipbuilding sector.

The unions further argue that the anti-competitive practices reportedly undermine US workers and pose a national security risk.

The proposal stated that the fee has to be based on the vessel’s tonnage from China docking in the US, with larger and heavier vessels costing more.