Japan, the US, and Australia plan a joint navy drill near the Philippines in the South China Sea, showing commitment to rule of law after China's recent aggression.

China's coast guard used water cannons against Philippine ships on August 5 in the contested waters, heightening tensions.

The drill includes helicopter carriers and joint drills to display force; commanders to meet Filipino counterparts in Manila afterward.

The US deploys aircraft carrier USS America, Japan sends helicopter carrier JS Izumo, and Australia sends HMAS Canberra.

Philippines can't join due to logistical limitations but remains open to future participation; nations like US, Australia, Japan support the Philippines.

China blocked Philippine vessels delivering supplies to forces at Second Thomas Shoal; water cannons used against Filipino ships.

Chinese coast guard claims water cannons were used to warn against collisions; China pledges to protect territorial sovereignty.

Philippines' Armed Forces express resolve to uphold rule of law and defend against threats in the South China Sea after Washington's warning.

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