US Declares Red Sea Conflict With Houthis As Largest Naval Battle Since WWII

US Navy Vice Admiral Brad Cooper said the conflict against the Yemeni Armed Forces in the Red Sea is one of the most significant in decades.

Cooper, deputy commander of US Central Command, said in an interview that 7,000 US Navy sailors were deployed to the Red Sea.

The Navy launched around 100 standard surface-to-air missiles in response to YAF missile and drone threats.

Yemeni Armed Forces have blocked the Red and Arabian Seas to Israeli Ships and others bound for Israel.

This step is in support of the Resistance in Gaza and for the resilient Palestinian People.

Cooper added that Yemen can carry out attacks only because of backing by Iran.

He said that Iran is continuously supplying Houthis with weapons and targeting information.

Yemen’s leader, Sayyed Abdul Malik Al-Houthi, said that their actions have led to a rise in prices in Israel and also brought maritime trade to a standstill.

He said that food supplies for the Israeli Occupation through the Red Sea and Bab al Mandeb have been cut by 70%.

Al Houthi added that over 40 airstrikes were launched on Yemen this past week, which failed to achieve their goal; the only solution is to stop bombing Gaza.

Lastly, he said that Houthis have told other European nations that they are not the target of operations in the Red Sea.