US Announces Plans For US Military-Built Temporary Port For Gaza Humanitarian Aid

US military plans to lead an emergency campaign to construct a new pier on the coast of the Mediterranean of Gaza to permit large vessels to deliver water, food, temporary shelters, and medicine to the territory.

Senior administration officials informed reporters during a conference call that the temporary pier won’t need US troops to land in Gaza.

It will take several weeks to plan and execute the mission; However when ready, the US military will lead the operation initially, but other nations and groups will join in eventually..

The officials explained that the assistance arriving by vessel from the Mediterranean island of Cyprus must be able to fill up hundreds of truckloads each day with the aid.

The failure to provide humanitarian support to Gaza has resulted in heart-breaking consequences: children dying of malnutrition and severely starving Palestinians rushing aid trucks to feed their loved ones.

Access to the Gaza Strip has been limited since the war started on October 7. But Israel had finally agreed to open a new land crossing for aid to pass into north Gaza.

Acute aid shortages have led Jordan and the U.S. to use airdrops to deliver aid in the past few weeks.