Los Angeles Seaport, located in San Pedro Bay south of downtown LA, is the top US port in container throughput, handling 9M+ TEUs yearly.

1. Port of Los Angeles

Port of NJ/NY: largest on eastern US coast, handled 7.5M+ TEUs in 2020, 8.9M+ in 2021 and 9.5M+ in 2022.

2. Port of New Jersey and New York

It lies in San Pedro’s Bay near the Port of Los Angeles, handled 8.1M+ TEUs in 2020, 9.38M+ in 2021, and 9.1M+ in 2022.

3. Port of Long Beach

It is situated in Georgia, 4th busiest in US, biggest single container terminal in North America, handled 4.7M+ TEUs in 2020, 5.6M+ in 2021, and 5.7M+ in 2022.

4. Port of Savannah

It is busiest for foreign waterborne tonnage in US, handled 3.5M+ TEUs in 2021 and 3.9M+ in 2022.

5. Port of Houston

It is strategically positioned on the east coast with direct Atlantic Ocean access, 6th largest US port in 2022, handled 3.7M+ TEUs in 2022 and 3.5M+ in the previous year.

6. Port of Virginia

It includes Seattle and Tacoma ports in Washington, USA, handled 3.3M+ TEUs in 2020, 3.7M+ in 2021, and 3.4M+ in 2022.

7. The Northwest Seaport Alliance

It is situated in South Carolina, 8th busiest US container facility, handled 2.8M+ TEUs in 2022.

8. Port of Charleston

It lies on the eastern coast of San Francisco Bay, main port for trade with Asia, 9th busiest US container port, handled 2.3M+ TEUs in 2022.

9. Port of Oakland

It is situated in South Florida, 10th busiest US port, handled 1.2M+ TEUs in 2022 and 1M+ in 2021.

10. Port of Miami
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