USS Gerald R Ford (CVN 78) is the lead ship of the Ford class, the first new class in over 40 years. USS Nimitz is the oldest American aircraft carrier in active service.

Effective ship design of USS Gerald R Ford allows it to function with about 600 fewer crew compared to USS Nimitz, reduced watch standing and less maintenance workload for the crew.

The Island on Ford or CVN 78 is smaller than Nimitz, increasing space for flight-deck operations and allowing Ford to launch more aircraft in a day. 

USS Gerald R Ford is laden with about 23 new technologies, including electromagnetic-powered aircraft launch system compared to the Steam-driven catapults of the USS Nimitz.

USS Gerald R Ford can launch smaller and lighter aircraft without damaging them while offering greater control, monitoring and automation.

USS Gerald R Ford has 11 weapon elevators capable of moving 24,000 pounds per load at a faster speed than the USS Nimitz. 

USS Gerald R Ford boasts quality-of-life enhancements like better berthing compartments for sailors, better gyms, and quieter and cooler spaces than those available on USS Nimitz.

USS Gerald R Ford will save over $ 4 billion in total ownership costs in its 50-year service life compared to USS Nimitz.

Gerald R Ford is the first carrier designed with all electric utilities, 3 times more electricity generation and improved corrosion control than USS Nimitz.

Gerald R Ford is fitted with Dual-Band Radar Technology used on newer destroyers.

Ford is better than USS Nimitz in terms of hull design, firefighting systems and weapon stowage. 

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