The US Navy is a military organization responsible for national defense, while the Merchant Navy is a civilian fleet that transports goods and cargo.


The US Navy requires applicants to go through rigorous physical and mental tests, while the Merchant Navy focuses more on professional qualifications and experience.


US Navy personnel undergo extensive training in combat, navigation, and technical skills, while Merchant Navy personnel are trained in navigation, cargo handling, and ship management.


US Navy has a strict rank structure, distinguishing officers and enlisted personnel, while the Merchant Navy has a more relaxed structure with fewer distinctions between officers and crew.

Rank Structure

The US Navy is owned and operated by the government, while the Merchant Navy ships are owned by private companies.

Ship Ownership

The US Navy is deployed globally to protect American interests, while the Merchant Navy travels to different ports around the world to transport cargo.


US Navy personnel receive a fixed salary, while Merchant Navy personnel receive a combination of basic salary, allowances, and bonuses.


US Navy offers healthcare, retirement plans, and education opportunities, while Merchant Navy provides paid leave and travel allowances.

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