INS Vikrant is an indigenous aircraft carrier of the Indian Navy, while the Fujian (Type 003) is China's third aircraft carrier and the first with a fully indigenous design.

INS Vikrant has a displacement capacity of approximately 37,500-40,000 tons, whereas the Fujian reportedly has a larger displacement of over 80,000 tons.

INS Vikrant utilizes ski-jump ramp technology for take-offs and three arrester wires for landings. The Fujian uses electromagnetic catapults to launch aircrafts. This technology provides more benefit over the previous generation of steam catapults.

INS Vikrant has a length of 262 meters, beam of 62 meters, and height of 59 meters, whereas the Fujian is estimated to be around 320 meters in length and 73 meters in width based on satellite images.

INS Vikrant aims to enhance India's power projection capabilities in the Indian Ocean Region, while the Fujian is expected to project Chinese power in the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean.

INS Vikrant has a crew capacity of 1,700 personnel and 14 decks, including specialized cabins for women officers, while for the Fujian, it is likely to be between 3,500 and 4,000 people.

INS Vikrant's future plans include the acquisition of a third aircraft carrier, whereas the Fujian represents China's ongoing naval expansion and modernization efforts.

INS Vikrant serves as a boost to the Indian Navy's power projection capabilities amid rising tensions with China, while the Fujian strengthens China's naval capabilities and presence in the region.

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