U.S. Navy’s Newest Submarine, Massachusetts Launched

Virginia-class submarine Massachusetts was launched into the James River at HII’s Newport News Shipbuilding (NNS) division.

It was moved to a submarine pier at the shipyard for final outfitting, crew certification and testing.

Jason Ward, NNS Vice president of Virginia-class submarine construction, said the event was a source of immense pride for the shipbuilding team.

Ward added that the team understands the submarine’s importance for the U.S. Navy and will bring the national security asset to life.

Virginia-class subs are nuclear-powered, built for a range of open-ocean and littoral missions.

This class of submarines will eventually replace the Los Angeles-class submarines as they retire.

Virginia class has improved firepower, maneuverability, stealth, enhancing their warfighting abilities.

They can support multiple mission areas and operate at speeds of over 25 knots.

Massachusetts is the 25th Virginia-class submarine and the 12th to be delivered by NNS.