The U.S. Navy has chosen to name its new Constellation-class frigate after a war hero, Lafayette.

The decision was made to honor the courageous contributions of Lafayette during a critical period in American history.

The Constellation-class frigate is a highly advanced naval vessel designed to support a range of missions.

Lafayette, the war hero, played a significant role in the American Revolutionary War as a French military officer.

The new frigate's name is a tribute to Lafayette's unwavering commitment to the cause of liberty and his support for American independence.

The U.S. Navy believes that naming the ship Lafayette will inspire its crew and symbolize the enduring friendship between France and the United States.

The Constellation-class frigate is expected to feature advanced technology, enhanced capabilities, and increased operational flexibility.

It will serve as a versatile platform for various missions, including anti-submarine warfare, surface warfare, and air defense.

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