Senior commanders of the Royal Australian Navy reveal details of the AUKUS nuclear acquisition deal with the US and UK.

The disclosure occurred during parliamentary defense budget hearings, raising implications for the US Navy's submarine capability.

Australia plans to acquire two Virginia-class submarines from the US and purchase one from the production line.

The specific submarines to be transferred to Australia are yet to be determined but will have more than 20 years of service life.

Australia aims to develop a total of eight nuclear submarines, with three being Virginia class.

There is uncertainty regarding the number of AUKUS-class submarines Australia will build and how many will be supplied by the US.

Australia canceled a $40 billion submarine deal with France in 2021, leading to the pursuit of the AUKUS alliance.

The AUKUS alliance has been likened to NATO ver.2.0 and there have been proposals to involve Japan and India, potentially in response to China's naval fleet expansion.

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