The Navy is decommissioning the USS Little Rock and USS Detroit this week, concluding a month of war vessel retirements in FY 2023.

USS Little Rock and USS Detroit, both less than ten years old, will be sold to other nations through foreign military sales.

Little Rock and Detroit have recent operational records in the U.S. 4th Fleet.

These vessels are part of a group that includes other ships marked for decommissioning in 2022.

Several cruisers, including Champlain, Milwaukee, San Jacinto, Bunker Hill, and Mobile Bay, have already been decommissioned and will eventually be scrapped.

The Navy is systematically decommissioning aging cruisers, with 22 Ticonderoga-class vessels planned for retirement since 2022.

Congress preserved USS Vicksburg despite Navy efforts to retire it in FY 2024.

USS Jackson and USS Montgomery, part of the Independence-class, are also set for decommissioning in FY 2024, as per the Navy's shipbuilding plan.

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