The U.S. Navy is investing billions in revamping its Cold War-era submarine detection system in response to China's naval expansion and assertive behavior in the Pacific Ocean.

The Integrated Undersea Surveillance System, originally created in the 1950s, is being modernized with updated surveillance vessels and undersea sensor cables.

The modernization efforts aim to reduce the size of surveillance cables while increasing their coverage area, with similar technology being sold to Australia.

AI will play a key role in analyzing surveillance data for anomalies and potential foreign submarines, offering faster analysis than human analysts.

Unmanned drones are being deployed to patrol specific Pacific zones in search of submarine activity.

Portable sensors on vessels act as undersea satellites, offering flexibility in deployment.

The focus on enhancing surveillance capabilities coincides with China's increased aggression towards Taiwan, as China has expressed willingness to reunify the island by force if necessary.

These systems are experiencing rapid growth and recapitalization to align with evolving subsea technology and defense priorities.

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