U.S Navy Needs More Counter-Drone Weapons To Face Houthis

U.S. Navy warships will stay in Middle East waters for some time to face their enemies being aided by Iran.

Naval analysts say current confrontations show the need for more sustainable weapons to tackle enemy drones.

The U.S. is using surface-to-air missiles to shoot down enemy drones, which is not viable from a cost exchange perspective.

A destroyer recently used the latest variant of the SM-2 missile, which cost $2.1 million, to destroy drones launched by Iran.

U.S. Navy could jam guidance systems & control links of enemy drones, like Ukraine has been doing to Russian drones.

Many suggest using lasers to deal with enemy drones rather than using expensive surface-to-air missiles against them.

The U.S. Navy could also develop microwave weapons for blasting enemy drones.