The Marine Corps is pursuing Gen. David Berger’s overhaul to modernize the force, maintaining the Corps’ focus on crisis response.

The service continued buying ground assets that are crucial to the Marines’ mission and weapons like the Naval Strike Missile.

The Marine Corps is also working in conjunction with the Navy on its Future Vertical Lift capability.

The Marine Corps in its Fiscal Year 2023 budget submission sought to buy 74 Amphibious Combat Vehicles.

Following a July training incident in California, in which two ACVs were knocked off, the Marine Corps paused waterborne operations.

BAE Systems won an $88 million contract to build the 30-mm cannon ACV variant for the Marine Corps.

Marine Corps officials have argued they need ground-based anti-ship missiles to conduct operations in regions like the Indo-Pacific.

The CH-53K King Stallion will ultimately replace the Marine Corps CH-53E Super Stallion.

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