The Navy is building two types of amphibious ships: LPD-17 Flight II class and LHA-type ships from Huntington Ingalls Industries.

The Navy, Marine Corps, and Office of the Secretary of Defense are discussing the required numbers and types of amphibious ships.

Congress is reviewing the Navy's FY2024 budget, including amphibious ship numbers, LPD-17 Flight II procurement, and retirements of older ships.

Navy's 355-ship force-level goal calls for 38 larger amphibious ships, including 13 LPD-17 Flight II class ships.

Navy's FY2023 budget proposed truncating the LPD-17 Flight II program to three ships only.

Congress funded the procurement of LPD-32 in FY2023 and provided $250.0 million for LPD-33, which is the fourth LPD-17 Flight II class ship.

The Navy's FY2024 budget proposes truncating the LPD-17 Flight II program to three ships and does not request funding for LPD-33.

The Marine Corps' FY2024 unfunded priorities list includes the procurement funding for LPD-33, as its top unfunded priority.

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