These are the largest of their kind and are known to accommodate more than 5000 passengers on board!

Mega Cruise Ships

These are somewhat smaller than Mega Cruise Ships and can hold between 2500 to 3500 passengers.

Large Cruise Ships

They are smaller than their larger counterparts and can hold around 1500-2500 passengers. 

Midsized Cruise Ships

These ships are lower spectrum of midsized cruisers and can accommodate 800-1500 passengers.

Smaller Midsized Cruise Ships

Cruise vessel having a passenger-carrying capacity of less than 700-800.

Small Cruise Ships

These types of cruise ships are the vast majority of all cruise ships that carry passengers for leisure and tours. 

Mainstream Cruise Ships

These are customized and bespoke small vessels for adventure lovers. 

Adventure Cruise Ships

They are shallow-draft and low-width vessels and are capable of plying in rivers for passenger tours and pleasure.

River Cruises
Hotel Ships

They mainly remain afloat in water or travel small distances and are chiefly floating hotels for a luxury experience. 

They are specially designed vessels for venturing into polar regions. 

Expedition Cruises
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