1. Container city, Trinity Buoy Wharf, London

In this city, a complex of 20 shipping containers has been made, arranged in a three-story structure.

2. The Four Room House, Belgium

This colorful structure is unique for several reasons; the top one being that this home is made inside four shipping containers stacked one above another. 

3. Zigloo Domestique, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

The black and cream exterior, glass panels, and wire mesh balcony might make you wonder about the design.

4. Redondo Beach Container House

Looking at this beach house, a shipping container would be the last thing that would come to a person’s mind.

5. Retro Styled house, Austria

For people looking for good accommodation, within a budget and with a good view, Austria’s Espace Mobile has come up with the perfect solution.

6. Cove Park, Rosneath, U.K.

In Cove Park there can be found The Cubes. These are a series of five shipping containers that have been lined to make a wonderful house for its owners.

7. The View Tube, London

Against the grey sky of London, you can expect to find a bright yellow stack of shipping containers that is actually a housing structure.

8. Ross Steven House, Wellington, New Zealand

In the hills of Wellington, New Zealand, industrial designer has set up his home made from reused shipping containers.

9. Port-a-Bach

Beautiful shipping containers have been used in these designs. Each Port-a-Bach costs around $55,000 and comes with a complete living space.

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