The Sea of Cortez is located to the North-West of Mexico. California sea lions, dolphins, whale sharks, all live here in “the biggest aquarium in the world”.

The Sea of Cortez

To the north of the Aleutian Islands lies the Bering Sea. Whales, polar bears, orcas and sea birds by the million live here in one of the planet’s most isolated locations.

The Bering Sea

The Coral Sea owes its name to its famous coral reef—the largest in the world. The reef is home to 400 species of coral, 1500 species of fish and over 4000 species of molluscs.

The Coral Sea

In the middle of the immense Southern Ocean lie the icy waters of the Weddell Sea covering almost two million kms. The sea is a place of sanctuary for dozens of species threatened with extinction.

The Weddell Sea

The most beautiful scenery in the Arctic can be found in the middle of Baffin Bay. Its giant icebergs and pristine waters are home to polar bears, walruses, Arctic terns, muskoxen, whales and orcas.

The Baffin Bay
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