Aircraft carriers are the largest ships of a nation's naval fleet, used for both war and transport of aircraft.

Nine countries possess aircraft carriers as part of their fleet, with the US Navy having the largest fleet.

The US Navy's fleet of aircraft carriers are the world's largest in terms of size and operational capacity. Here are the top 5.

Put into operation in the late-1980s, as a part of the Nimitz Class of aircraft ships, it has a displacement of 1, 17,200 tonnes.

USS Theodore Roosevelt

Commissioned in the year 1986, the USS George Washington has a total displacement of 1, 16,700 tonnes.

USS George Washington

With a displacement of 1, 16,400 tonnes and aircraft holding area of 4.5 square kilometres, the vessel features third in this compilation.

USS Harry S. Truman

This aircraft carrier was named for a prominent senator of the country. The aircraft carrier has a displacement of 1, 16,400 tonnes.

USS John C Stennis

This aircraft ship was built specifically to honour the contribution of its 41st nation-head, has a displacement of 1, 14,000 tonnes.

USS George H.W. Bush

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