This book is developed with the help of the National Geography Society and is written by Tom S. Garrison, a renowned personality in the field of oceanography.

This book gives a geological, chemical, biological, and physical approach to the subject of oceanography.

Written by Keith Sverdrup, this book to intends to brief people about tremendous influence the ocean has on the lives of the people on earth.

This book by Tom S Garrison and Robert Ellis introduces the readers to uncertain climatic conditions which are faced in the ocean as a result of various activities.

This book written by John Knassu keeps a wide range of various researches by several marine scientists.

This book is written by Thomas and George Browers and it gives a detailed development in the study of ocean science.

Written by Lynne D. Talley, this book provides a proper introduction to descriptive physical oceanography for advanced undergraduate and graduate students.

In this book, author William Van Dorn attempts to describe the ocean as a working environment in simple terms.

This book by Joseph M. Moran talks about how to select studies that explore the role of the ocean in the earth.

This book was written by Paul R. Pinnett. It is an excellent guide for future oceanography students seeking knowledge of both traditional and modern approaches.

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