The Kaohsiung dry dock covers 950 meters. It is 92 m wide, with a draft of 14 meters, and is located near Taiwan's largest port.

The Gunsan shipyard features ten dry docks, each 700m long and 115m wide, equipped with goliath cranes for constructing ships of diverse sizes and hull types.

Stretching across 1.89 million sq m along a 2500 m coastline, the facility houses two dry docks. One of them, at 700 m, is recognized as the longest dry dock in China.

It covers over 500 acres and has 750 m of waterfront area. It includes a dry dock measuring 640 m by 65 m, accommodating vessels up to 400,000 DWT.

Geoje Shipyard, South Korea's largest, has 5 floating docks and 3 dry docks, including one at 640 m by 97.5 m, accommodating VLCCs.

The Hyundai-Samho shipyard, spanning 3,300,000 sq m, features one of the world's largest dry docks, with a construction capacity of 3.7 million gross tonnes annually.

The New Times Shipyard covers 1000,000 sq m on a 3200 m shoreline, with a design institute, support facilities, two workshops, 2 outfitting jetties, and a 588 m by 106 m dry dock.

Measuring over 4200 acres, the facility includes four workshops, 2 floating docks, 3 administrative buildings, and two dry docks at 530 m length and 136 m breadth, with a 14 m draft.

Jiangnan shipyard spans 1.48 million sq m, with eight berths (1870 m total length), five outfitting quays, and a 580 m dry dock with two large gantry cranes and 3 mobile cranes.

The five million sq m shipyard supports construction and repairs along a 4 km waterfront. It features 3 outfitting quays, a 700-ton gantry crane, four 500+ tonne cranes, blasting facilities, eight painting shops, and 2 dry docks.