Shanghai Port

Port of Shanghai has a capacity of handling cargo of about 744 million tonnes.

Singapore Port

The cargo handling capacity of the Port of Singapore is about 537.6 million tonnes. 

Tianjin Port

The cargo handling capacity of Tianjin port is such that it can handle cargo of about 476 million tonnes.

Guangzhou Port

The port of Guangzhou can handle cargo of even more than 460 million tonnes.

Ningbo Port

The Port of Ningbo, Zhejiang, has the handling capacity of more than 453 million tonnes of cargo.

Rotterdam Port

The  Port of Rotterdam can  safely handle 441.5 million tonnes of cargo. 

Suzhou Port

The Port of Suzhou has the cargo handling capacity of 428 million tonnes.

Qingdao Port

The Port of Qingdao is self-sufficient in handling cargo of about 400 million tonnes or even more.

Dalian Port

The  Port of Dalian handles more than 303 million tonnes of cargo.

Busan Port

The handling capacity of Port of Busan is about 298 million tonnes of cargo.

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