The world’s largest LPG Carrier, launched in 2021 by Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries.

Bellavista Explorer

One of the biggest LPG dual-fuel carriers in the world, built in 2021 in the Jiangnan Shipyard, China.

Flanders Innovation

Earlier known as Buena Venus, was built in 2006 by Kanrei Shipbuilding Corporation.

Gas Venus

It's the biggest ship of the fleet, built in 2008 by Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering Corporation.

BWG Lord

One of the fuel-efficient ships, designed to be sustainable for the environment, by Dorian LPG.

Dorian COMET Ships

The enterprise operates around 10 ocean-going VLGC ships, out of which 8 are the biggest among the fleet with a carrying capacity of 84,000 m3.

Pacific Gas VLGC Fleet

Built in 2013, it is owned by Clipper Shipping AS and operated by Solvang ASA.

Clipper Posh

The fleet possesses 5 LPG carriers out of which 3 have a carrying capacity of 82516 m3.

KOTC LPG Ship Fleet

It owns 4 VLGCs out of which Al Wukir is the biggest LPG carrier with a carrying capacity of 82491 m3.

Nakilat LPG - Al Wukir

Manifesto is the biggest in terms of its carrying capacity, built in 2013 by Hyundai Heavy Industries.

Petredec's Manifesto

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