Milky Sea refers to the unique milky glow of the waters of the Indian Ocean.

1. Milky Sea Phenomenon

Bioluminescence is the light produced by marine creatures as a defence mechanism.

2. Bioluminescence

The North and Baltic Seas meet at Skagen in Denmark, which is a debated oceanic phenomenon.

3. Convergence of Baltic and North Seas

The 'sea smoke' is steam from the Black Sea caused by humid oceanic water meeting cool winds over the water's surface.

4. Steaming Black Sea

Green flashes, seen for a couple of seconds, result from the prismatic effect of Earth's atmosphere.

5. Green Flash

The Baltic Sea Anomaly, a 60-meter thick circular entity, was discovered by diving experts in 2011 at a depth of 90 meters in the Baltic Sea.

6. Baltic Sea Anomaly

Concentrated salt water escapes from within the frozen ice formed above the ocean’s surface and seeps into the depths of the water.

7. Brinicle

The ocean phenomenon occurs when there is rapid growth or blooming of algae in the oceanic waters.

8. Red Tide

The foaming of the seas is caused by the disturbance to the organisms present on the water surface due to the constant tidal action.

9. Sea Foam

The Japanese island of Anami Oshima has underwater crop circles decorated with shells and other items, with over six feet circumferences.

10. Underwater Crop Circle
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