Titanic, the first and the biggest of its time, still stands the highest of its era.

Today we introduce you to the evolution of cruise ships, considering several points- the structure, design, capacity, entertainment, etc.

Many changes to the structure and construction of cruise ships have evolved through these passing decades.


The most significant difference between the Titanic and Modern ship designing is the holding together of the hull. The Titanic’s design details using over 3 million rivets for its hull and upper deck structure.

Compared to this, modern cruise ships use submerged arc welding. The welding action takes place in a single run, with more than one seams for extra assurance.

Titanic is the most significant ship amongst its class. However, the size and design do not stand anywhere compared to modern cruise ships.


The size of the Titanic compared to modern ships falls just below the average standard. While the Titanic’s length stands at 268 meters, width stands merely at 28 meters, while its height was around 18.3 meters.

While the Symphony of Seas stands at a length of 362 meters, with a width of 65.5 meters and 72 meters tall.

Titanic had a 2,435 capacity of passenger carriage. However, the figure seems to be conservative in comparison to the Symphony’s 6680 maximum limit.


Cruise vessels today, have malls, theatres, shopping centres, and other similar features available throughout the voyage.


Titanic still happens to be the most prominent building block in the start of safety awareness for global shipping.


The immediate effect of the disaster was the rise of SOLAS in the year 1914. SOLAS regulates the control of modern cruise ship designs for safety standards.

Even after correcting its design and flaws, Titanic will struggle to make it to the modern cruise ship business.

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