‘Titanic of the Alps’ Shipwreck To Be Salvaged After 90 Years of Abandonment

A shipwreck called ‘Titanic of the Alps’ will be raised from 700 feet below the water after being abandoned for 90 years.

Säntis steamship will be brought to the surface after the rescue mission has been finally approved.

The ship sank in 1933 in Lake Constance and has been compared to the Titanic for the way both ships sank to their deaths.

Both mammoth vessels went down with their huge sterns rising out of the water as they sank.

They also share several technical features in building and using a unique 3-cylinder steam engine.

Once salvaged, Santis will be officially recognised as the oldest surviving steamship from Lake Constance.

Named after the Alpine mountain, Säntis could carry 400 passengers and spent 40 years sailing across Lake Constance.