A Titanic blueprint used in the 1912 disaster investigation was sold for $243,000 at an auction.

Credit: Henryaldridge.com

The 33-foot long blueprint is among the major Titanic memorabilia.

Annotated with red and green chalk marks showing where ice penetrated watertight bulkheads.

Credit: Henryaldridge.com

Titanic was regarded as almost invincible but sank in 1912 with over 1,500 fatalities.

Price at auction reflects rarity and enduring appeal of the Titanic story.

Inquiry's transcripts used testimony of 100 witnesses to conclude Titanic struck an iceberg and sank due to excessive speed.

The findings of the disaster investigation led to numerous reforms to increase marine safety.

Other Titanic-related items also sold at auction, including housing design, rescue ship memorabilia, and RMS Queen Mary fresco.

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