USS Nimitz and Admiral Kuznetsov are both aircraft carriers, but they have significant differences in their design, capabilities, and performance. Here are eight comparison points between the two vessels

The USS Nimitz is operated by the United States Navy, while the Admiral Kuznetsov is operated by the Russian Navy.

USS Nimitz was commissioned in 1975, while Admiral Kuznetsov was commissioned in 1990.

USS Nimitz is larger than Admiral Kuznetsov, with a length of 1,092 feet compared to Kuznetsov's length of 1,001 feet.

USS Nimitz has a larger crew than Admiral Kuznetsov, with a capacity of around 6,000 crew members compared to Kuznetsov's capacity of around 1,960 crew members.

USS Nimitz is powered by two nuclear reactors, while Admiral Kuznetsov uses conventional steam turbines.

The USS Nimitz can carry up to 90 aircraft, while the Admiral Kuznetsov can carry up to 55 aircraft.

Both the USS Nimitz and Admiral Kuznetsov are equipped with defensive and offensive weapons, with the Nimitz having a wider range due to its larger size.

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