The FLIP Ship is a one of a kind ship with a unique feature which enables it to flip from horizontal to vertical position.

It is designed like a spoon, stands at 355 ft and is has the flexibility to stand vertically from a routine ship’s position of being horizontal.

The Flip or Floating Instrument Platform is a unique 60 years old Research Ship launched by the US Navy in 1962.

The horizontal position of the ship does not allow accurate readings of waves and other oceanic data relevant.

Thus the Flip Ship was created to solve this problem by standing vertical and independent of waves in the water and carry on its research accordingly.

The interior and the decks of the crew of the Flip Ship are also designed keeping in mind the horizontal-to-vertical shift of the ship.

Bed-bunks, gas-stoves and toilets are conceived in such a way that they swivel and can be used appropriately.

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