The Collapsed Baltimore Bridge Reconstruction Can Cost About $1.7- 1.9 Billion 

Maryland’s Department of Transportation declared that the state’s current planning-level cost estimate is between $1.7 billion and $1.9 billion, which aligns with projects of such complexity and scale.

Maryland has estimated that reconstructing the collapsed Baltimore bridge would cost about $1.7 billion to $1.9 billion.

Maryland’s Department of Transportation anticipates that the reconstruction will be finished by fall 2028.

The MV Dali cargo ship slammed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge on 26th March, taking the lives of six individuals.

The Department of Transportation (US) provided an initial $60 million as an emergency fund to clear out the debris and initiate the bridge’s rebuilding.

Lawmakers in Congress are working on legislation that would help waive the state’s current requirement to pay 10% of the rebuilding costs & ensure adequate money is in a federal rebuilding fund.

Maryland said it will also request proposals for rebuilding the bridge by the end of May and plans to conduct an industry forum.