Shoyo, the world's first liquefied natural gas (LNG)-powered Panamax-class coal carrier, has initiated its commercial operations.

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Shoyo was constructed in Japan's renowned Oshima Shipyard. This vessel was commissioned by Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha (NYK) and Kyushu Electric Power Co., ensuring a greener future for the shipping industry.

Shoyo was handed over to its owner in October and approximately ten days later, it received its first supply of LNG fuel at the port of Tobata, Fukuoka Prefecture.

Shoyo has been purposefully designed to transport coal from foreign locations to Kyuden's coal-fired power plants, a task traditionally handled by coal carriers.

Shoyo's bunkering was achieved through a state-of-the-art shore-to-ship process, directly supplying fuel from the onshore handling facility to the vessel. This marked the very first time this procedure was carried out for an oceangoing LNG-fueled vessel in Japan.

From March 2024, a newly constructed LNG bunkering vessel based in the Setouchi and Kyushu areas will also become available to facilitate the bunkering of the SHOYO.

Shoyo boasts a 95,233 deadweight tonnage (dwt) and measures 235 metres in length and 38 metres in width.

As compared to traditional fuels, this LNG-powered vessel, SHOYO, will eliminate sulphur oxide emissions and reduce up to 80% nitrogen oxide and 30% carbon dioxide emissions

The Shoyo's journey has marked the beginning of a new era in coal shipping. Its maiden voyage served as a testament to the industry's determination to adapt to a changing world.

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